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What to look for during a monthly inspection

People who have a garage know how important it is to carry out a garage door inspection service in regular interval as it is useful for storing cars and other belongings. However, this useful space is subject to various damages with time. This is more so with respect to garage doors. Often the door of the garage gets jammed due to choked opening or closing. It is also likely possible that the door has incurred substantial damages and needs replacement.

Under all such scenarios, it is handy to hire professional garage door opener inspection in Indianapolis & Noblesville, IN. At Affordable Garage Door Repair, we can restore the garage door opener in its best condition. Even so, you need to hire experts to inspect your garage door parts on a regular basis and fix certain issues before the scenario becomes worse.

How To Check If Your Garage Door Is Working Proper

Monthly Garage Door Visual Inspection
Stand inside your garage and close the door. Now take a look at door springs, cables, pulleys and other hardware like hinges for signs of wear and tear. In addition to this, look at cable wear or fraying. Find out if anything is not right. In case you believe that any of these things are not in order, it might be an indication of a serious potential issue. If you leave the problem unattended, it can invite a major issue. So make sure you hire a professional company like Affordable Garage Door Repair to inspect the garage door system thoroughly & to prevent further damage.

Monthly Garage Door Balance Test
You must need to carry out a monthly door balance test to ascertain that your garage door is functioning at its best. If your garage door has an automatic opener system, close the door and detach the automatic opener. Now lift the door; it should lift easily and smoothly with a little bit of resistance. Moreover, the door should remain completely open. In case you face difficulty in opening the door, it might be out of balance and needs service by a well-trained professional. Many home owners tend to ignore this problem which may lead to expensive garage door repairs in the future. Thankfully, you can avert such a scene by availing our garage door inspection services in Indianapolis & Noblesville, IN.

Monthly Garage Door Revering Mechanism Check
It is advisable to carry out this check for safety and security purpose. Moreover, reversing mechanism check also ensures that you don't have to invest a huge amount of money on replacing the door in case it gets damaged. To perform this simple check, place a 2 * 4 wooden piece in the center of the garage door opening. Now try to close the door by pressing the wall button. The door should automatically reverse back when it hits the wooden piece. In case the door does not reverse back, it is an indication of a potential problem. In such cases it is advisable that you hire a professional company who will inspect your garage door and will assist you in fixing the issue.

Investing some time on inspection of your garage door opener each month is a better bet to avoid any major issue with the door. If you identify any problem with the door opener, have it inspected with expert garage door inspection services in Indianapolis & Noblesville, IN. We have a team of well-qualified technicians who are always ready to fix any of your garage door issues. Moreover, you don't need to burn a hole in your pocket for hiring our services. Give us a call in case you have any problem with your garage door and we will do all that is needed to keep your garage door in good working condition.